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Tuesday November 6, 2018

Minnesota allows for a voting process called Early Voting. Unlike Absentee Voting by mail, Early Voting allows you to vote prior to Election Day at City Hall. The cities of Columbia Heights, Hilltop, New Brighton and Saint Anthony participate in early voting  weekdays during business hours. You can have a voice in who
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Tim Utz
Candidate HD41-B

Early voting starts Friday September 21, 2018 and closes
Monday November 5, 2018.  For additional information
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New Brighton City Offices (651) 638-2100
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Saint Anthony City Offices (612) 782-3301
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Why Tim is a No Vote for Columbia Heights School Bond



Saint Anthony Chamber of Commerce candidate forum 10/24/18.

Question: should Minnesota be a sanctuary state?

Answers by MN HD41-B candidates Mary Kunesh-Podein (DFL) and Tim Utz (independent).
About Tim
Everyone's life is a collage; a story to tell. The who, what, when, where, why 
and how of a person's life.

The Early Years

Tim was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota to parents who felt called to the mission field. As a young boy Tim’s family spent a short period of time in the jungles of Mexico experiencing missionary jungle life. Although Tim appeared a great candidate for the “unconventional” life his family was not.
Tim with his sisters at age 12
The family settled in southern California where his father became an elementary school teacher and mom was mom, doing a variety of community activities and service. During this period Tim attended both private and public schools graduating in 1976 from Magnolia High School in Anaheim.
Tim at home school jungle camp style
Tim with his parents 1958
Tim with sister at graduation 1976

The Formative Years

After high school Tim spent a summer working with youth at his church, an activity Tim continued for many years. Tim also had a world awaiting and many personal goals including moving to New Zealand, Austria, and Brazil being a pilot or carpenter. Those goals were altered when he injured an ankle one summer evening while playing volleyball with youth requiring crutches for a month.
Off to Minnesota Tim went attending Saint Paul Bible College in Waconia. College being a challenge and not his style after a year Tim began what became his life long career in construction; beginning as a union carpenter apprentice for 4 years graduating in 1981.

In 1978 Tim got married having three wonderful kids. Unfortunately as with too many couples the marriage failed, leaving Tim to be a non-custodial father; a hard pill to swallow for a man who always wanted to be a father with lots of kids.

Fulfilling Career

As a union carpenter member for four decades Tim developed exceptional skill sets in management, production development, time management and sequencing. The broad experience gave Tim opportunities for leadership as a jobsite foreman eventually leading to Superintendent of non-residential construction projects including public schools, manufacturing, office buildings and restaurants. Several projects valued over 12 million dollars included over 100 on site personal Tim had total responsibility for.

Taking Another Chance

Pledged to never marry again Tim met and fell for Nadine who after almost 2 years of courtship they mutually agreed to marry. After a two month engagement Tim and Nay began what is now 20 year blended family marriage having 7 kids and 14 grandkids between them. Never a dull moment is to be seen.

Tough Times

In 2005 Tim’s wife Nadine and he started a union commercial construction company. Tim and Nadine moved to Columbia Heights from North Minneapolis as the company was being developed. All was good until the economic meltdown of 2008. The resulting economic contraction took an enormous toll on finances which wiped out the families wealth resulting in a bankruptcy.
Starting over Tim and Nadine became caretakers of a property in Columbia Heights. Tim became a part time security guard working for minimal compensation with no insurance, benefits, long shifts, overnight in out of the way places to make ends meet.
Tim’s union pension allowed for early retirement helping the family finances recover. Over recent years the family has recovered from the dark days of the economic meltdown. On occasion Tim returns to the construction market as a project superintendent for special projects.

Growth as a Statesman

During 2004 Tim began spending time in Saint Paul during the Legislative sessions. Tim would follow legislation giving testimony during committee hearings. One disturbing observation was watching the Minnesota House vote on bills, having legislators voting for each other. On one occasion he watched as one legislator voted for 7 other members on a bill before the House.

During 2007 Tim learned about a presidential candidate, who as a member in the U.S. House voted alone hundreds of times over his career. After some research Ron Paul became the catalyst for Tim becoming politically active. He figured if a man like Ron Paul could stand alone when needed in Congress on the principles of Constitutional government, so could he.
Over the years Tim has earned admiration and respect for his consistent tenacity in holding his public service within the confines of constitutional government. People from all walks of life, political ideologies look forward to voting for Tim on Election Day 2018. Why one might ask, the answer is Tim’s consistent, principled public service. People have a reason to vote again.

Special Careers

Tim had the unique opportunity of being a caretaker for 3 years living at a  section 8 housing project in downtown Minneapolis.  His responsibilities included caring for daily common walkways, grounds maintenance and unit turnovers.

The 51 unit complex had an average of 75 kids. Over the first months Tim pulled together the residents creating a unified community who respected the complex while improving the social environment. Over the remaining 2.5 years Tim served this diverse community he earned the respect of law enforcement, residents, the surrounding community, building management and property owners.
Mortician Assistant,
A subject many people find disturbing is death; an event that at some point affects everyone. There is a group within the community who daily deals with this inconvenient aspect of human life, the morticians. for almost 4 years Tim was employed part time in this field of employment. His primary responsibilities included helping morticians retrieve peoples remains and preparation for funeral processes. Other responsivities included caretaking the interior of the mortuary, and behind the scenes of funeral events should help be needed.

Tim learned a lot about the human experience and end of life during his time in the occupation of mortician.
Join the majority of others in our community this election season.
Deside in 2018 to vote Tim Utz.