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Election Day
Tuesday November 6, 2018

Minnesota allows for a voting process called Early Voting. Unlike Absentee Voting by mail, Early Voting allows you to vote prior to Election Day at City Hall. The cities of Columbia Heights, Hilltop, New Brighton and Saint Anthony participate in early voting  weekdays during business hours. You can have a voice in who
wins on Election Day by voting while encouraging others in your contact network to join the "We Vote Tim Utz" wave.

Tim Utz
Candidate HD41-B

Early voting starts Friday September 21, 2018 and closes
Monday November 5, 2018.  For additional information
contact your City Hall at the numbers below.

590 40th Avenue NE

Hilltop City Offices (763) 571-2023
4555 Jackson Street NE

New Brighton City Offices (651) 638-2100
803 Old Hwy 8 NW

Saint Anthony City Offices (612) 782-3301
3301 Silver Lake Road

Why Tim is a No Vote for Columbia Heights School Bond



Saint Anthony Chamber of Commerce candidate forum 10/24/18.

Question: should Minnesota be a sanctuary state?

Answers by MN HD41-B candidates Mary Kunesh-Podein (DFL) and Tim Utz (independent).


The crossover voter support is exibited around the district with yard signs.  Tim has voter support from DFL, GOP and Independent households. This broad voter support is critical to a victory and continues to grow as we approach Election Day.

Vote Tim Utz



Tim Utz filed his petition of candidacy for Minnesota House of Representatives in District 41-B at the Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday, June 5th.  With his wife Nadine at his side, he presented 650 signatures from citizens from Columbia Heights, Hilltop, Saint Anthony and southern New Brighton who wanted Tim to be on the ballot this fall.  Unlike most candidates who can just show up and file, because he is running as an independent in a partisan race, he must collect 500 petition signatures to show his viability. 

One week later, on Tuesday, June 12th, the Secretary of State’s office confirmed his viability and Tim Utz was placed on the Tuesday, November 6th ballot.  He will be running a two-way race against a DFL candidate, as there will not be a Republican candidate in this race.  

Tim has broad support from across the entire political spectrum because he is principled and trustworthy.  Tim will not be beholden to either political party, so you can count on Tim to do what he says. To learn more about Tim, to volunteer or donate, please go to or on Facebook @WeVoteTimUtz.

Adam Davis
Campaign Manager
We Vote Tim Utz

Moving from Minneapolis  to Columbia Heights over 12 years ago, Tim has invested his personal time serving his community, involved in parades,  community events, holiday specials year round and much more. As people from all walks of life have met and watched Tim over the years, he has earned their personal respect and the support of the community.

Tim has served his community through memberships and public service. Tim served on the Columbia Heights Charter Commission for 6 years. Columbia Heights Police Reserves for 10 years. Tim maintains memberships and activity in the local organizations of Columbia Heights Sister Cities, Lion's Club and Toastmasters.

Tim is a member of the Saint Anthony Chamber of Commerce and a carpenters union member for 41 years. Tim is a 27 year member of Bryant Avenue Baptist Church in South Minneapolis.

VOTE Tuesday November 6, 2018

As Minnesota Association of Townships District 3 Director and township official for 26 years in Redwood County, I whole-heartedly and unequivocally wish to endorse Tim Utz for the legislative seat of 41B.  Having known Tim for many years and worked alongside him on previous campaigns, I testify that he is a man of integrity, due-diligence and honor.  He will serve the citizens of his district and of all Minnesota with one purpose and that is to restore constitutionally limited government to the halls of the capital in St. Paul.  He will never be bought by special interests and will not be swayed by party politics. I look forward to seeing him win the election in November and assume the office at the state capital to bring accountability and authenticity to our legislature. 

Tammy Houle
Redwood Falls, Minnesota
I have known Tim for many years. He has always been honest, kind, friendly, helpful and giving.  Some of these traits can be taken advantage of, which I know he has learned through experience during his life, but he still remains to be all of them. He would be a wonderful  representative.

Emily C.
Montrose, Minnesota
Tim married Nadine (Nay) in 1998 and has spent his time making sure she is the happiest wife a man could ask for. Having a blended family brings extra challanges and opportunities. Tim and Nay have 7 childern and 15 Grandchildren. This family never has a dull moment, from relationship issues to a call for help fixing a flat on 694.  Family is foremost for Nay and Tim.

Jim T.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Voted #1 couple twenty years in a row!
Family is the foundation of our community
American History

MN HD 41-B 2018

History is a guide to a better tomorrow providing safeguards to the individual community or a nation. The understanding of American history is critical for a public servant to provide good governance, protecting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Read our history .
Dear Friends and Fellow Neighbors,

We have an historic opportunity this November. The age-old question of whether voters will vote for the candidate rather than the political party label will be tested here and now.
Many people are unaware Minnesota has a state constitution. Our state constitution dictates  the limits of governing by public servants. The Constitution clearly places all powers of the state in the hands of the people. Read your state Constitution. 
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Private sector solution
to dirty dishes

Do Them Your Self
Tim is a good person and he cares for people and tries to help whether in good times or not so good . He pays attention to the little things that make people's lives better . Thanks Tim

Louise W.
Huntsville, Missouri

Member: North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters - Minnesota State Interior Systems Local 68

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